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To-Shin Do is different than any other martial art you may have seen in the past. We offer a modern 21st-century approach to personal defense and inner power based on ancient disciplines passed down from noble Japanese samurai and ninja warrior families.

Intelligent Self-Defense
Learn the visionary secrets the Ninja use to prevent and diffuse dangerous and stressful situations.
Leadership Through Martial Arts
More than merely teaching techniques to memorize, we focus on developing the whole person.
Disciplined Habits for Life Mastery
Learn to master visualization, goal-setting and mindful action. Skills to win in every area of life.

More About To-Shin Do

To-Shin Do martial arts training was developed as a way to promote peace, security, and well-being in the world — command over adversity — not as a way to practice violence. The world needs more protectors, not more predators.

Newbury Park Martial Arts Center
1111 Rancho Conejo Blvd, Suite 503
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