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NPMAC Personal Development Program

The Stephen K. Hayes mind-science curriculum is a basis for our personal empowerment program. A five minute exercise begins each class, exploring confidence, communication and personal experience. These moments are a fabulous bridge between the physical and non-physical aspects of our art.

Our personal development instruction gently guides you so that you may discover new qualities about yourself and apply proper goal setting and achieving to your life. Each physical training modality (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Void) lets you explore new and different ways of moving and thinking.

We cover everything an effective leader wants to know – powerfully bringing resolution when others may want conflict or contention, making a good first impression to attract allies and friends, managing difficult relationships, and gaining top-notch presentation skills.

You will find our school an uplifting place to spend time with friends who share your commitment to personal advancement.

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Character Development

Our members use the Student Creed and the To-Shin Do 14-Point Code of Ethics as a guide for making life more enjoyable and meaningful. Take charge of your experience! To-Shin Do students explore these codes one at a time with each belt grade following white. A Black Belt student can recite and live all 14 points of the Code of Ethics.

Student Creed

Confidence: I believe in myself. I am confident. I can accomplish my goals.

Discipline: I believe in what I study. I am disciplined. I am ready to learn and advance.

Respect: I believe in my teachers. I show respect to all who help me progress.

Yellow Belt
I protect life and health,
I avoid violence whenever possible.

Yellow & Black Belt
I respect the property and space of all,
I avoid taking what has not been offered.

Blue & White Belt — Ju-ni-kyu 12th Class
I develop significant relationships,
I avoid abusing others for selfish gain.

Blue Belt — Ju-ik-kyu 11th Class
I thoughtfully express the truth,
I avoid the confusion of dishonest words.

Blue Black Belt — Ju-kyu 10th Class
I cultivate a positive attitude, a healthy body and a clear mind,
I avoid whatever would reduce my physical or mental well-being.

Red & White Belt — Kyu-kyu 9th Class
I communicate health, happiness and peace of mind to everyone I meet,
I avoid violent, disturbing, and unduly critical speech.

Red Belt — Hachi-kyu 8th Class
I promote harmony and positive momentum to bring the best in everyone,
I avoid causing alienation, doubt, and division among others.

Red & Black Belt — Nana-kyu 7th Class
I encourage all to speak purposefully from the heart,
I avoid the dull contentment of gossip and small talk.

Green & White Belt — Rok-kyu 6th Class
I am as enthusiastic about others fulfillment as I am about my own,
I avoid treating others’ successes as the cause of my lacks.

Green Belt — Go-kyu 5th Class
I promote the enjoyment of life, and encourage others with my smile,
I avoid setting myself against the world.

Green & Black Belt — Yon-kyu 4th Class
I promote the search for personal realization of truth,
I avoid the seductive comforts of narrow-mindedness.

Brown & White Belt — San-kyu 3rd Class
I accomplish what must be done in a timely and effective way,
I avoid putting off doing that which will benefit me and my world today.

Brown Belt — Ni-kyu 2nd Class
I strive to be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind,
I avoid the negative effects of worry, doubt, and regret.

Brown & Black Belt — Ik-kyu 1st Class
I work to build love, happiness, and loyalty among all members of my family,
I avoid putting temporary personal benefit ahead of the welfare of those I love.

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