Little Ninjas and C.O.O.L Kidz(Ages 3-6)


To-Shin Do for Kids

Martial Arts for Kids

Newbury Park Martial Arts Center has been teaching martial arts to children since 1989. We are parents, and understand the importance of teaching our kids the value of working through a tough problem to find a solution; of staying true to ourselves when doubt can creep in; and to be confident and aware so that we can be a shining example of peace to our friends . In essence, we understand the deepest lessons that martial arts classes for kids can provide, when a quality program is taught with kindness and care.

Your child will learn that self- defense truly starts with self. Our students find the authentic confidence to be themselves and practice positive motivation. NPMAC Ninja martial arts classes use a time tested 8 step plan to help your kids step outside their comfort zone in each class, so that new possibilities can be revealed. Goal setting and achieving at a ninja school has never been so fun!

NPMAC Little Ninja and C.O.O.L. Kidz classes are designed to provide three to seven year olds with a foundation of confidence, discipline, and respect for themselves and others. 3-7 year olds have fun learning how to find safety, earn confidence, and gain new skills of thinking, speaking, and acting for self-protection and self-esteem. Respect for others is taught (kids enjoy helping other kids), with lots of focused concentration (kids thrive on it), and lots of laughter (kids love it). Kids martial arts classes are safe and non-competitive and emphasize learning how to learn. Three and four year olds attend our “Little Ninja Class” and five and six year olds attend our “C.O.O.L. Kidz” class– “Confident, On-purpose, On-target, Leadership”. When they turn seven kids graduate to our Youth program. What a cool program for your child!

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Ninja Martial Arts for Kids

Little Ninja

All martial arts classes for kids are broken into smaller sections. This allows children to grasp every element before moving on. Their confidence increases each time something new is learned. In addition, your child will earn patches recognizing attendance, achievement and good behavior.

Every class starts with a lesson of the week, which relates to a larger lesson of the month. Far more than a quick “mat chat”, our youth are learning proven lessons that have been  translated from Japan and Tibet. These are time tested ways to become a winner in life, and make your world a better place. Each child that turns in our monthly coloring sheet reinforcing the lesson of the month will receive a reward! Class continues with self-defense drills and skills the ninja way. Everything we do is designed to be able to find safety against a larger attacker. Our kids learn to repel negative forces and become a positive peacekeeper….awake, aware, and awesome! Parents report that children that train with Newbury Park Martial Arts Center are more aware when with friends, feel stronger against peer pressure and have better grades.

At Newbury Park Martial Arts Center, all our exercises have been carefully designed to help develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills and self defense skills. Through our philosophy of positive reinforcement and through interaction with instructors and other children, your child will develop the security and confidence to thrive in new situations.

They’ll be more focused and attentive, and equipped to do their very best in school and be their very best in all aspects of their lives.

Each week our parents are updated so that they can chat with their kids about our weekly topics, and each month our students receive a progress report. Learning how to set short term, mid-term and long term goals is fun, and this skill is carried over to other areas of their live to create success in all they do.

We have celebrated so many graduates over the years, and have many long term students. Folks from all over  the Conejo Valley, including Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Camarillo and Newbury Park continue to join the NPMAC family!  Our unique martial arts school must be seen; we invite you to come interview us! Sit by our fire in the lounge, have a cup of tea, and see why our ninja kids are happy, healthy and smiling in each class!

 Benefits for your child

Life Skills

  • Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Self discipline
  • Self control
  • Basic child safety concepts
  • Respect
  • Confidence
  • Listening skills

Physical Skills

  • Balance
  • Hand-eye coordination,
  • Foundational self-defense concepts
  • Stamina
  • Flexibility
 Check out our “Benefits for kids”  section for more information.

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