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Adventure-based leadership development through martial arts training.

Our students come from all walks of life, including teachers, doctors, law enforcement, federal agents and home makers. Our nationally-recognized program is designed to work around the individual (rather than force the student try and comply with a rigid sport-type system.) In our martial arts classes for adults, you will learn how to handle stress and crisis situations effectively, powerfully, and successfully.

Training for mastery in all forms of conflict is at the heart of To-Shin Do. Skill, strategy, and adaptability are your greatest strengths. The physical training is based upon timeless natural-movement techniques that are as effective today as they were 100’s of years ago.

Learning strategy vs. memorizing techniques

There are an infinite number of possible self-protection situations you may have to deal with; strikes, kicks, weapons, multiple attackers, surprise attacks or even just intimidation. It is impossible to have a memorized technique for every one. Under real life stress your emotions get in the way and you simply can’t recall the “right” answer.

More than merely teaching techniques to memorize, we focus on developing the whole person. You learn strategies along with the tactics, so each individual evolves into a fully actualized human being fully prepared for success in life.

The basic training leading to Black Belt at NPMAC teaches you to use your natural emotions to your advantage. Whether you are feeling a protective confidence, a cautious defensiveness, an assertive urgency, or evasive detachment, To-Shin Do uses these base emotions like primary colors or notes on a scale to create true martial art — and strategic self-defense.

Our mind-science curriculum offers lessons that can be used at home, work or school for a quality life of value. Members find that the time they spend here, is both inspiring and practical, enjoying the physical workout and sense of accomplishment after each class.

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