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Youth and Teen Martial Arts

DojoAction1Licensed instructors gently guide your children through fun filled classes, emphasizing non-offensive evasion and escape techniques. Our power thought of the week is proven to enhance the character education program taught at school and assist Mom and Dad in teaching the skills of paying attention, achieving goals and nurturing kindness. Self-development is key to unleashing potential, and our ninja To-Shin Do does just that. Family discount memberships available. Kids 6-12, Teens 13 and up.

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Adult Self Defense

To-Shin Do martial arts is true Self Defense Newbury Park Martial Arts Center prepares men and women alike to experience life at its fullest. Men find the stress reduction enables them to explore life at the highest potential. Teaching Self Defense Thousand Oaks, the magic of our martial art will bring out women’s natural intuition; Members will be more aware so they may avoid violence – and be armed with the skills needed to harness their natural power when necessary. Unlike Taekwondo, Karate, Hapkido other Mixed Sport Martial Arts, To-Shin Do teaches true Self Defense through self-development here in Newbury Park.
Our martial art is about magic-not muscle. It was developed as a way to increase the likelihood of your peace, security and well being- not as a way to encourage violence.

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Little Ninja and C.O.O.L. Kidz Programs


Our Little Ninja program is a once per month program- one 30 minute class, during which we work on body movement, taking positive instruction, strength through play, awareness skills. Little Ninja learn valuable stranger danger information to keep your precious ones safe. Ages 3-4.

Our C.O.O.L. kidz program gives your 4-6 year olds two 1/2 hour classes per week. Children have fun learning how to find safety, gain new skills of thinking and speaking, earn confidence and choices for acting for self defense and self esteem. Respect for others is taught (kids enjoy helping other kids), with lots of focused concentration (kids thrive on it), and lots of laughter (kids love it). Classes are safe and non-competitive and emphasize learning how to learn. “Confident, On-purpose, On-target, Leadership” – What a C.O.O.L. program for your child. Self defense Newbury Park with Newbury Park Martial Arts Center is safe ninja fun! Sibling discounts available.

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Yoga @NPMAC is a unique yoga practice specializing in personalized practice for our students. We offer yoga in a boutique setting.

In each class you will feel like you had a private lesson with a top instructor, and this allows you to achieve your health, relaxation and rejuvenation goals every time!

Looking to heal back pain? We have you covered. Want more core strength? We have that. Need more flexibility to help you better yourself in sports? Check. Craving shoulder relaxation? We specialize in that. Always wanted to do that hand stand? We step you through from first-time beginner to the most advanced practitioner.

Yoga@NPMAC tailors your practice seasonally- so you are naturally in perfect rhythm to move through your day with ease.

Clean, beautiful location. Top celebrated instructor. Not cookie cutter- but your practice. Your Yoga @NPMAC

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Energy Body Work

Kriss Hurdle is a Reiki Master* and Bars® Practitioner. Working with you and the natural energy that runs through all of us, she will help bring out your intuitive healing and rejuvenation.

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Advanced Training Programs

The advanced training program gives students the opportunity to take specialized classes in a variety of martial arts disciplines taken from the Ninja Art of Japan and molded into modern day solutions. Weapons and street defenses are often covered in these classes. Available to all students, this program is based upon membership level. Students looking to deeply explore martial arts in Thousand Oaks, California will enjoy this course.

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Personal Development Program

Men in a row at aikido class, selective focus, canon 1Ds mark III
Each month NPMAC presents our mental training modality- the adult personal development program, as a powerful way to begin each class. These age old principles are time tested, priceless and form the foundation for modern psychology. Learn about strategic thinking, taking command of life and experiencing abundance just to name a few.

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Special Events

Did You Know? We offer special events like weekend training seminars, team-building and corporate events for companies, and ninja birthday parties for kids!

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Private Lessons

All students can take advantage of private one-on-one instruction with our elite group of certified instructors. Private lessons can be scheduled with any of our Black Belt instructors. Self defense Newbury Park is tested in a safe environment. Women and men will enjoy this self defense Thousand Oaks, California private instruction.

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