July theme is Discipline

July theme is Discipline

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                        Know what you want and go for it 

Happy July! This month we focus on believing in yourself- and being disciplined enough to go after yoru dreams and goals. NPMAC students understand that discipline is “knowing what you want and taking the most direct route to get it”. Discipline is a positive quality, not a negative experience. Discipline is to know what the right thing to do is, and making decisions to support the right thing.

We can all learn discipline. Simple visualization drills are a great way to learn to practice discipline. Sitting with good posture and slowing counting to 50, for example, takes discipline. Try it- you may find difficulty at first in keeping your mind attentive- but keep practicing. NPMAC can share with you easy meditations to help you reinforce discipline through centering concentration.

Your task this month is to share your inspirations- who have you read about or do you know that has achieved success? How does this person having achieved this success inspire you?

Post your success stories today- and watch what unfolds!