Life Mastery Through Martial Arts

Balance. Innerpeace. Self awareness. Confidence
Mental toughness and a winning edge in life!

To-Shin Do® (pronounced Toh Sheen Doh) is based on ancient warrior martial arts disciplines handed down by nine historical Japanese samurai and ninja family lineages. At the same time, ours is a modern approach to handling threats and confrontations likely in our own culture today. Our students are ethically motivated, warrior protectors.


Our Dojo

Our students train in a gorgeous and spacious facility. Our Japanese decor reflects our roots, while our curriculum teaches the best of western education.

Sit by the fireplace and enjoy a tea or coffee in our lounge. A great time to plan and reflect on your training or visit with your fellow students. Watch your loved ones in class, enjoy our free wifi or visit our full service pro-shop.

Our Martial Art

To-Shin Do martial arts training was developed as a way to promote peace, security, and well-being in the world – command over adversity – never as a way to promote violence. The world needs more protectors, not more predators.

In an over-stressed society, balancing a clear mind, fit body, and centered spirit is the pathway to becoming a tatsujin – a fully actualized person operating masterfully in all areas of life.

“You will find wonderful people and great training at the Newbury Park Martial Arts Center. Teachers there have been training with me for years, and are dedicated practitioners and experienced educators I am proud to have in our SKH Quest Center network. When it comes to authentic martial arts tradition taught with modern educational intelligence with an aim for highest personal development through the challenge of learning effective protection techniques, Newbury Park Martial Arts Center is tops.”
Stephen K. Hayes, Founder, SKH Quest To-Shin Do Martial Arts, Black Belt Hall of Fame

New-Student-PracticingIn To-Shin Do martial arts training, you will learn methods to deal with:
• Grappling, throwing, choking and joint locking
• Striking, kicking, and punching
• Self defense when pulled to the ground
• Stick, blade, cord, and projectile defense
• Gun disarms and safety
• Knife and cane defenses
• Successfully handling multiple assailants and surprise attacks
• Overcoming psychological intimidation or bullying

Adventure-based leadership development through martial arts training.
Training for mastery in all forms of conflict is at the heart of To-Shin Do.

You learn adaptive strategic principles along with the tactics, so so you can practice how to take command in times of confusion, confrontation, or discouragement.

When it comes to self development self defense, our art is top-notch, our teachers are unsurpassed in expertis e, and our curriculum is unparalleled.

Our People

Our dojo community is our treasure. Our students all enjoy productive, contributing, happy, and advancing lives in pursuit of perfecting the protector’s “art of winning”.
We are real people – business owners, attorneys, college students, military, medical professionals, table waiters, mechanics, school teachers, police officers, teen soccer players, moms, granddads, and all of their children. In short, we are your neighbors, and we invite you to join our wonderfully supportive community of friends.


Our Founders


Stephen and Rumiko Hayes – Hombu An-shu oversee our curriculum at Newbury Park Martial Arts Center They inspire students with their life-long goal of teaching the personal transformation technologies that lead to more personal peace and world community harmony. Read more at Stephen K. Hayes

Our Instructors

Each Coach, Trainer, and Instructor is a graduate of the Newbury Park Martial Arts Center Leadership College, schooled in how to help you discover your own insights into personal power, resourcefulness, broad vision, peace of mind, and happiness.

We serve hundreds of families in the Conejo Valley area, along with visitors from all over the country who regularly travel to our dojo for the kind of martial arts advancement they can only find in our unique program.

Advanced Students

About Newbury Park Martial Arts Center

NPMAC has one of the largest and most attractive training spaces around.

Adults and kids with an interest in any of the main stream Martial arts, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, or MMA will find their experience here at the school, to be not only rewarding but very enjoyable.

Our reality based self-defense classes are fun and practical and are perfect for beginners and experienced alike.

Our 3200 square foot facility features a beautiful, safe training center, clean dressing rooms, full service pro-shop, spacious audience viewing area and free wi-fi for guests.

NPMAC is proud to be a winner of the Ventura County “Best Of” martial arts schools.

We proudly maintain the lowest instructor/student ratio in the industry, allowing us to meet and exceed the expectations of each and every student. Parents are welcomed at every class, and guests of adult students may experience a complimentary class by simply signing in at the desk.